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The Finn Flyer Motorboat line

One of boat life’s most alluring traits is its ability to appeal to our senses: the ocean breeze, the sound of birdsong, and the feeling of freedom - we can go wherever we choose. With inspiration from Finn Flyer sailing yachts, we engineered the Finn Flyer Motorboats to deliver an extraordinary experience of style and performance. Time to pop the champagne.

Elegancy, integrity and simplicity on the seas.  The K-24 motorboat was born of dreams, experience, and passion. Over the years the boat took shape, and plans were developed. The sleek 24-foot DC-boat was born, with each detail professionally fashioned and no sacrifices in quality.

Finn Flyer K-24, the first boat in our motorboat line, is a fiberglass boat with ample teak and clear oak in the cabin. The high quality of each boat is guaranteed by our skilled boat builders. Spaciousness and openness create beautiful and user-friendly integrity.  

Finn Flyer K 24

Complementing our future boat line is our K 24 with its retro-design language.

The foredeck is tall for spaciousness in the deckhouse and also to protect the occupants from wind and water. The deck and stairs are comfortable to move on at speed.

At the helm are all the necessary navigation equipment available on a touchscreen. The chapel is elegantly recessed above the windshield. The chapel is easily pulled out by means of rails.

Engine options, Electric diesel Hybrid with drive, diesel with drive, gasoline with drive, outboard. In the cockpit, there is plenty of storage with a total of 6 hatches, one on the front deck, three in the cockpit, and two on the aft deck.

Under the seats at the helm, there are also plenty of storage spaces. As an option, you can get a cooling box and a stove under the Sb seat. The seat on the engine box is easy to assemble into a sunbed.

In the front cabin, two people sleep well, in one of the storage spaces there is room for a toilet.


Length of hull
7.66 m
2.48 m
0.8 m
2100 kg
Max speed
43 knots (with 270hp)
Fuel capacity
270 litres


Vacumfused in GRP with Winylester resin
Hand laminated in GRP with UV resistant gelcoat


200 - 270 hp

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