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Sailing in the moment

No compromise on quality. Custom built yachts for comfortable cruising and high performance racing.

Your yachting starts here

Designed, developed and engineered for sailors by sailors, Finn Flyer never makes you choose between comfortable cruising or exciting high-performance racing. Our yachts are designed for both.

Finn Flyers are customized for unique, active and joyful moments by our experience and your personal requirements. Yachts are custom-made for you. We refuse to compromise on quality and performance. Our boats are built by proud sailors who yearn for the sea and delight in sailing. Just like you.

Since 1976 Finn Flyer has been enabling the perfect sailing moment; fast yet comfortable. Our advanced technological boats' allurement is a result of a lightweight and practical design. They are crafted for speed and comfort.

Sailing is made elegant with Finn Flyer's easy handling, even on your own. A Finn Flyer allows you to sail in the moment. There is nowhere else you would rather be.

Finnflyer sailboat

Introducing the Finn Flyer Motorboat line

Elegancy, integrity and simplicity on the seas.

The K-24 motorboat was born of dreams, experience, and passion. Over the years the boat took shape, and plans were developed. The sleek 24-foot DC-boat was born, with each detail professionally fashioned and no sacrifices in quality.

The Finn Flyer K-24 is a fiberglass boat with ample teak and clear oak in the cabin. The high quality of each boat is guaranteed by our skilled boat builders. 

Finnflyer motorline

Big news and new look

Finn Flyer is proud to stand for innovation and courage to renew. This time we have updated our brand and released a new range of motorboats.

We have almost 40 years experience of building and delivering customised sailboats to satisfied customers all over the world. During the time, we noticed an unfulfilled need among motorboat owners. Now, after careful planning and developing, the exciting future of Finn Flyer is official.

We will always continue to build luxurious and performance characterised sailing yachts, but now we are complementing our sailboat line with a motorboat line.

It is time to extend our passion, expert knowledge and modern point of view to the motorboat community. And our look is being refreshed. We are ready for the next step. Join us.

Finnflyer sailboat

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